Unstoppable is a Design studio and clinical practice specializing in the intersection of design and disability.

Our Mission: Unstoppable Studio believes that every person has the right to meaningful relationships, emotional health and social connectedness, regardless of their abilities. We believe in the power of design and design thinking to build a more loving and inclusive world for people with disabilities. We work with people with disabilities, especially disabilities that impact communication and behavior, and their families and communities. Our work rests on four pillars:

  1. Participatory Design | The Studio supports self-advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities through inclusion in research and design.
  2. Empowerment through making | The Studio helps every human being nurture and unleash their innate creativity.
  3. Innovative tools for communication and play | The Studio finds or creates the best tools to help our clients meet their goals.
  4. Healing relationships | The Studio facilitates nurturing relationships with our clients and between our clients and their friends and families.

Our portfolio is under construction. For now, check out Miriam at www.miriamzisook.com